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Keep The Plumber Away With These Tips

Calling the plumber for a visit is costly. It almost always incurs the extra charges, occurring in the middle of the night and only on weekends. The plumber could be a great guy or wonderful gal, but expensive particularly in the off hours. Usually when you have to call, the problem has transformed into an out-of-control emergency where you finding yourself standing in your own filth. Great tips to keep it flushing down easily and keep the plumber away follow here.

Do not let oil ever near your sink, toilets, or down any other plumbing in your home. The problem with oils and fats is they may be liquid when you put them down the drain. Though, they harden when they cool. A smarter way to handle grease is waiting until it cools and hardens, and then toss it into the trash. If you want to dispose of oil that stays liquid, still do not put it down the drain. Instead, wait until the oil cools, and put it into an empty coffee can or other metal receptacle before putting it into the trashcan.

The toilet bowl is only made for excrement and toilet paper. Even tissues or toilet paper will clog your toilet. Make sure everyone in your family; including your kids knows this. Children are known for their exquisite skill to clog and overflow toilets, damage the whole house. Keep a garbage can in the bathroom for everything else.

Keep those traps clean. What’s a trap? It is the strainer in the kitchen or the drain in the shower that catches solids before they go into your pipes. Keeping the traps clear, by cleaning out the hair from the shower, and food from the kitchen drain, will keep the water moving smoothly down the pipes. Do not put the hair into the drain or toilet.

In addition, as soon as you notice a problem, such as a leaky faucet, fix it. The reason is that leaky faucets cause a surprising number of expensive problems to fix if you wait. For one, a running faucet makes for an expensive water bill, may lead to problems, and is annoying to listen to it run. Tighten down the washer for the faucets. It saves on your water bill, on huge water damage issues that are expensive to fix.

If you have a guestroom with guest bathroom that you never visit, start going there weekly. Run water through those pipes weekly. Run some bath water, and flush the toilet. Otherwise, the pipes dry out and get damaged. If you do not, you could give an embarrassing problem to your next guest — pipe damage.

In addition to keeping the water running weekly. Insulate your pipes to prevent bursting pipes in cold weather. Your whole house will suffer from serious damage if a pipe bursts. Foam insulation is great for getting to hard to reach areas of your house that suffer from cold in winter months.

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