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We are a licensed and insured households cleaning company, we have years of experience in cleaning and maintaining busin
We also specialize in water, flood and fire damage restoration.
We take pride in our job we know it takes to get the job done. We give it the personal service it deserves.

Our method of cleaning is recommended by leading carpet manufacturers and only uses ECO-FRIENDLY cleaning solutions & equipment.
Our company uses an environmentally friendly process that removes pollen - dust mites - allergens - fungus – bacteria and improves indoor air quality.

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Latest News And Updates

In Need Of Carpet Cleaning Tips?

Having a nice, pleasant looking carpet for guest to see when they arrive makes any home owner smile. This thought’s a pleasant one, but how can we make it come true? Can we really produce a lovely carpet, free of stains, and high in softness? With a few tricks, you can have the carpet of your dreams. One that guest won’t be able to find a flaw in. Here are a few things I’ve picked up through my experience cleaning carpets.

If you have a stain that can’t be removed the traditional way, you should think outside the box. They’re a lot of messy things that might get on our carpet that seem almost impossible to get out. Maybe your child has spilled paint while working on a project for school? This seems like a quite a challenge, and is probably one of every mothers worst nightmares. Don’t worry, I have a solution. Nail polish remover will do just the trick in dissolving. You can also try any product that contains rubbing alcohol.

Have a bleach stain on the carpet? This is another problem that looks unsolvable. If it’s in a well ventilated room, and you’re willing to be careful, I do have one trick you can try. You can try bleaching the whole carpet. If you can master this, no one will be able to tell that there’s an error. They’ll just think the whole carpet was a lighter shade to begin with.

You’ll never get the excellent clean you’ll get with a steam cleaner, as you will with a vacuum. This is true despite what the commercials may say. Having a steam cleaner might be expensive, but it’s well worth it if you’re really worried about getting that soft looking, perfectly stainless result. Steam cleaning’s also important if you have pets, pet dander can get caught deep in the carpet.

If you’re unable to afford a steam cleaner, you might be able to rent appliances from certain businesses. Another option is to choose to have your carpet cleaned by a professional. Even if you only have your carpet cleaned by an expert once a year, it makes all the difference. Especially to guest who are judging you by the quality of your home. Lets face it, we all pay attention to how well a house keeper keeps her or his home clean.

Remember not to panic if someone spills grape juice on the floor. Worst comes to worse, you can always have the carpet replaced. Generally speaking, it’s not the most expensive flooring. Remember to think about all your options for removing the stain before you have your carpet replaced.

I hope you and your carpet have many happy years together. A lot of things are easier to handle when you have a clean home. When it comes time to sell the place, buyers love buying homes that look well kept. That’s just one of the many reasons to take excellent care of your home.

Keep The Plumber Away With These Tips

Calling the plumber for a visit is costly. It almost always incurs the extra charges, occurring in the middle of the night and only on weekends. The plumber could be a great guy or wonderful gal, but expensive particularly in the off hours. Usually when you have to call, the problem has transformed into an out-of-control emergency where you finding yourself standing in your own filth. Great tips to keep it flushing down easily and keep the plumber away follow here.

Do not let oil ever near your sink, toilets, or down any other plumbing in your home. The problem with oils and fats is they may be liquid when you put them down the drain. Though, they harden when they cool. A smarter way to handle grease is waiting until it cools and hardens, and then toss it into the trash. If you want to dispose of oil that stays liquid, still do not put it down the drain. Instead, wait until the oil cools, and put it into an empty coffee can or other metal receptacle before putting it into the trashcan.

The toilet bowl is only made for excrement and toilet paper. Even tissues or toilet paper will clog your toilet. Make sure everyone in your family; including your kids knows this. Children are known for their exquisite skill to clog and overflow toilets, damage the whole house. Keep a garbage can in the bathroom for everything else.

Keep those traps clean. What’s a trap? It is the strainer in the kitchen or the drain in the shower that catches solids before they go into your pipes. Keeping the traps clear, by cleaning out the hair from the shower, and food from the kitchen drain, will keep the water moving smoothly down the pipes. Do not put the hair into the drain or toilet.

In addition, as soon as you notice a problem, such as a leaky faucet, fix it. The reason is that leaky faucets cause a surprising number of expensive problems to fix if you wait. For one, a running faucet makes for an expensive water bill, may lead to problems, and is annoying to listen to it run. Tighten down the washer for the faucets. It saves on your water bill, on huge water damage issues that are expensive to fix.

If you have a guestroom with guest bathroom that you never visit, start going there weekly. Run water through those pipes weekly. Run some bath water, and flush the toilet. Otherwise, the pipes dry out and get damaged. If you do not, you could give an embarrassing problem to your next guest — pipe damage.

In addition to keeping the water running weekly. Insulate your pipes to prevent bursting pipes in cold weather. Your whole house will suffer from serious damage if a pipe bursts. Foam insulation is great for getting to hard to reach areas of your house that suffer from cold in winter months.

Discover The Importance Of Water Damage Restoration For Your Home After A Flood

Water has the potential to be very destructive when it comes into contact with the structure and contents of a home. When a flood or any type of leak occurs in the plumbing it can do considerable harm unless it is dealt with promptly by those who specialize in water damage restoration. These professionals will assess the level of damage and devise a plan for remediation that will restore the residence to its original state. Although some homeowners may be inclined to take on this task themselves, it is generally best to hire an expert who possesses the necessary equipment, knowledge, and experience in this area. Attempting to tackle an issue of this magnitude is likely to not only result in frustration, but it will probably end up costing more in the long run due to improper removal of moisture. If you experience a water loss in the Los Angeles area, contact us. If you are in Portland Oregon, contact our Friends at Restoration 1 of Portland, Water Damage Restoration Experts.

There are numerous advantages to putting this matter into the hands of capable technicians who dedicates their business to reversing the harmful effects of water in the home. One such advantage is the prevention of mold growth. Dampness encourages mold and mildew to grow and flourish, and this can start happening within the first two days of exposure to wetness. Hidden surfaces such as beneath carpeting or flooring materials are typical hotbeds for the growth of these organisms. The remediation crew will identify any such problem areas so the mold can be destroyed and prevented from spreading. Timely removal of water can also help protect some of the home’s contents. Unfortunately there will be items that cannot be saved, as they will be instantly damaged following the incident, however there will also be some that can be saved due to the quick, efficient elimination of dampness.

Many of the building materials used in the construction of a home tend to absorb moisture when exposed to it, and unless these are thoroughly dried, it can result in extensive structural deterioration that will ultimately result in extensive and costly replacement. If a property is allowed to remain with standing water inside its floors, walls, or ceilings for too long the harm will be much greater, a professional remediation specialist will make sure that all components are thoroughly dried as to prevent the need for more serious and high-priced repairs. There are also certain health risks associated with moisture in the home such as the aforementioned growth of mold which can be very harmful when present in the air, and if the water is contaminated, such as from waste, it poses the threat of various bacterial or viral illnesses, necessitating its prompt removal to ensure the safety of the home’s occupants.

The water which is responsible for the damage in a home will be classified into one of three categories as this will determine which approach the remediation workers will take. Category 1 refers to all water from a clean source such as a leaky pipe that is likely free of contaminants for the most part, while Category 2 is water which contains some contaminants such as from a washing machine or dishwasher, and Category 3 includes flood water, sewage, rain, and stagnant standing water. Quick action is needed with all types of water, as one category can easily progress into the next in little time if allowed to sit and encourage bacterial growth.

Besides the type of water involved, the damage it has caused will also be classified. Class 1 refers to minimal destruction with less absorption, smaller areas affected, and usually little or no carpeting and cushioning of any sort. Class 2 indicates a fairly large amount of moisture in one or more full rooms containing carpets and underpads, wicking as much as two feet up the walls, and notable absorption in building materials. A Class 3 designation is one of greater destruction and full saturation greater than two feet up the walls, multiple layers are affected by moisture. Finally, a Class 4 instance is one in which materials with low porosity are involved, that will require a specific approach to drying.

When the restoration team visits the home, they will first conduct a comprehensive inspection using specialized moisture-detection instruments such as infrared probes to determine which materials have been affected and summarize which ones will need to be treated or replaced in order to estimate the cost of the work. If the flooring can be successfully dried in place, high-powered air movers and dehumidifiers will be used for this purpose and they will normally need to be left in place for three or four days. Technicians will likely need to stop by the house periodically to monitor humidity, temperature and such during this drying phase. After this point, the drying progress will be checked and once it is completed, the machines can safely be removed.

Carpets may need to be treated to prevent growth of microbes, as well as being fully cleaned and deodorized to eliminate any musty aroma. If the under-padding is too damp to effectively dry in place, it will be removed and a replacement will be installed. Tack strips where the carpet attaches to the floor will be pulled up and reattached, and if seam repair is needed, that will also be done. Any other upholstered pieces that have been damaged will be cleaned and dried during the work on the floor coverings.

Sometimes a structural repair may still be deemed necessary after the drying process is finished. This pertains to materials such as ceilings, floors, and drywall that have become damaged to the point that they cannot safely be used any longer. Usually if appropriate measures are taken immediately, it will not come to this, but nevertheless it does happen in some cases and must be suitably remedied. If new carpet must be installed, it makes sense to first carry out any structural repairs that are needed beforehand. Homeowner’s insurance for flood damage quite often provides coverage for any necessary repairs and the removal of the water itself, so it is wise for people who own a house to ensure that they have such a policy before such a disaster occurs.

Mold Remediation For Businesses

Whenever mold issues arise in your place of business, many risks can present themselves. Notably, such a situation can place the health of you, your employees and your customers in jeopardy. In order to resume business as usual and return to productivity, it is important to find the right commercial remediation services company. To do this, it is important to understand what mold is and how it creates environmental threats.

In essence, mold has the ability to grow whenever excess moisture gathers. Mold spreads via spores dispersed through the air. Once those spores adhere to a surface, mold proliferates. Many times, mold does not actually pose serious health risks, but simply causes an unsightly appearance. This can lead others to believe that the area is unclean. However, significant outbreaks can be dangerous to anyone in the vicinity, and that is why professional mold remediation work must be done.

If you suspect that your place of business is being negatively impacted by mold, it is worthwhile to contact a remediation company like Mold Remediation Portland so that they can come perform some key tests. If mold is indeed found, samples will be subjected to additional testing. Then, it will be possible for the professionals to determine how to go about eradicating the problem.

The best method of remediation will depend on precisely the kind of mold present and how serious the outbreak is found to be. General household cleaning products are sometimes enough to cure the problem, and in other cases extra ventilation and sunlight can do the trick. However, more serious outbreaks may call for the installation of non-porous surfaces and materials that can prevent future mold outbreaks from taking hold. The most severe outbreaks indicate a need for strong remediation techniques, which may include demolition and rebuilding of affected areas.

When not effectively and promptly addressed, a mold outbreak can require a business to shut down entirely. Thus, quick action is required in order for an impacted business to resume profitability as soon as possible. Commercial remediation services are integral to the process of keeping employees, customers and you completely safe. Professional remediation crews understand how mold develops and spreads and how best to eliminate it from all surfaces. They know how to test for serious environmental hazards and are experienced with a wide array of cleaning methods sure to rid your business of dangers once and for all. If your business experiences a mold outbreak of any sort, it is best to get in touch with a local remediation expert right away.

What does a Fire Damage Restoration Company Do to Restore Your Property?

When fire leaves a devastating trail of havoc on our property, the proverbial cliché of fire being a good servant but a bad monster sinks deep in your head. However, not all is lost when fire strikes your property. You have the option of hiring a competent fire damage restoration company to help you in salvaging and restoring your property after the fire tragedy. Restoring the trail of destruction left behind by fire tragedies is never a do it yourself (DIY) task; hence, the need to hire a deft fire damage restoration company.

Admittedly, when the fire is put off, you will find that your will be faced with a water damage (from the water that was used to put out the fire) issue as well as smoke damage issue. It would be them imperative that you hire a fire damage restoration company that is versatile enough to handle both the water damage and the smoke damage. A good restoration company will come with modern equipment such as high-powered dehumidifiers and fans to ensure that the water is satisfactorily dried out. To avoid the water damage from graduating to mold issues, a good contractor always make sure that they dry both the standing and absorbed moisture. Due to the ability of water damage posing other threats if not dealt with immediately, prompt response is required as it ensures least damage.

After successful drying out of the water, the contractor now focuses on dealing with the fire damages. The company begins with a thorough inspection of the fire damages and notes them down. Their next task is to replace any building material that has been severely compromised by the fire tragedy. They will then start dealing with the smoke damage by using some specialized tools to scrub the soot off the walls and furniture. To ensure that there will be no more damage on your property, a good contractor will take not of the materials used to make your furniture and treat (restore) them different. Fire damage also leaves a trail of awful smell in your property. Consequently, the fire damage restoration company will ensure that uses an exclusive deodorizing procedure to get rid of all the unsavory smoke smell.

Safety should always come first when handling any type of fire damage. Consequently, after the fire is put off, it is advisable to refrain from accessing your home on your own as he fire might have left the structures of your home weak; something that can have dire consequences. Your best bet would be in hiring a professional fire damage restoration company that has adequate experience in handling fire damages. As a rule of thumb, always go for a company that not only has specialized tools in handling fire damages and its concomitant damages but also a company that has skilled personnel who will be able to operate the machinery efficiently. A competent fire damage restoration company is your only hope of rising from the ashes of a fire tragedy!

Restoring Damage Caused By Water

Just a decade ago, it was assumed that a water damaged home was no longer good and would have to be reconstructed instead of restored. In recent years, people have discovered that is not entirely true, and that many water damaged homes can actually be restored. The restoration process is much simpler than reconstructing an entire home and it leaves the home in the condition that it was in before the water arrived. While it is simpler, restoring the condition of a home does take a lot of time, energy, and work.

Water that sits inside of a home for a long time will cause some damage, whether it is to the floors or to the belongings that are inside the home, including desks, tables, computers, and other products that homeowners have purchased. The water has to get removed from a home before the cleaning process can begin, but that is something that can only be done if the proper equipment and tools get used, including wet vacuums that can extract water. Because it is possible for water to get on wires, it is necessary to turn the electricity off while cleaning; otherwise there is the possibility of getting electrocuted. The only people who should handle the water damage restoration are those who are licensed and experienced.

The experts have to handle multiple tasks inside the home, which includes getting all the water, wetness, and moisture out of the home. They have to make sure that once they get the water out, they also end up getting rid of all the moisture. When moisture gets left inside of a room and is not handled properly, it can cause mold growth. Even though this may seem like a lengthy process, these experts have the high-quality tools and equipment that will help them do the job efficiently and rapidly to prevent further damage.

The restoration specialists like those at Water Damage Restoration Portland do not waste any time. As soon as they arrive at a home that has water damage, they immediately begin getting to work by suctioning out that water. They know that as the water continues to sit, it will cause even more damage than it may have already caused. These specialists will start using all the techniques that they know about, which includes freeze drying, mold remediation, trash removal, and dehumidifying the property.

By the time the specialists finish, the home will not only be restored, but it will also be sanitized and deodorized so that harmful germs get killed and the air smells fresh and clean. If you are experiencing water damage inside your home, you should not wait to call a reputable and professional restoration company. You will want to have only certified professionals coming out to your home to handle the damage and help you complete an insurance claim for the damage your home has endured.

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